Inspirational, Poems

Deep within

Reach deep within

Look for the ugliest parts

Face what most turn a blind eye too

Face those insecurities

Turn them around in your palm

Reach deep within

Where the light does not glow

Embrace those parts of you

For they are you

Be one with the ugly

Cherish yourself

Most importantly love yourself


Only one way

Always had to be the strong one

Never allowed to show emotion

The few times I did the ridicule would start

Was always taught to be embarrassed

Always told that there’s no use for tears

Never had I considered the opposite

After a while those words became true

My walls grew stronger

I hid not behind others, but behind myself

That was not an easy feat

Had to find the warrior inside me

Well in the end she found me

After a year of war

She never left me

Always on the defensive

Had to learn to count to three

Now, she’s always lurking behind the shadows

Waiting, watching for the walls to fall

The ones that ridiculed before

Now, want to see me crumble

But they cannot have it both ways


Through my eyes

A lone solider in a raging storm

Bending, twisting every which way

Growing stronger every passing day;

Learning how to survive amongst harsh weeds

If you look closely through the mist you might see;

The easy manner he reacts to everything

The single flower, in mist of weeds

Too busy growing tall and strong to notice;

The danger soon to come

Too busy fighting for the right to enjoy the sun

Enjoying singing in the rain when it appears

Perhaps you see vulnerability where I see strength

The way it sways with the wind like

A couple in love dancing tango for the last time

Showing no fear, no restraint

Nothing, but passion for the dance and love for one another

Can you feel it?

Where most have seen vulnerability

I have seen strength and respect