Daily Prompt: One-Way To The End

Assumptions were made from the start

We thought we were on the same path

Foolishly we spoke about our chapter

The sway in your voice had an effect on me

Realization that this was a no mans land,

a one way path, came too late.

I was already in knee-deep in this mush

A one way street full of sinking sand

Yet, my hand reached out for yours

what I found was a ghost of a man

As my body sunk to the bottomless pit

my heart stayed with yours beating on last time. .






via Daily Prompt: One-Way


All you need

I never realized when it left

Never noticed your deepening worry lines

Never noticed how the sun effected your skin

Aging it with its rays and your age

We always laughed about the gray on your head

Yet, I never realized when it left

Never realized that the twinkle in your eye is gone

Never noticed the storm in your brown eyes

How did I not notice?

I’ve seen the look before reflecting back at me;

The perfect image of myself walking away from me

The feeling is like no other losing you in your own body

they say the stress is too much

so there you are popping pill after pill

all I want is to see the shine return

to see you smile with your eyes

wishing the joy of the world into you

wishing good vibes for you all day

joy that is all you need

to be able to see the world

to smell the fresh air and the ocean at your feet

Never forget I love you