Daily Prompt: Age in the creases of your face

The lovely face I once knew is no more.

The smiles that was constantly on your face has disappeared.

The halls are no longer filled with your laughter or silly games.

Darkness has replaced and erased everything about you.

Turned your youthful smile to a bitter slant

True age shows in the creases on your face

The difference between us is clearer every passing day.

They say with age comes wisdom, but so far I only see

everything, but what they promise.





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Daily Prompt: One-Way To The End

Assumptions were made from the start

We thought we were on the same path

Foolishly we spoke about our chapter

The sway in your voice had an effect on me

Realization that this was a no mans land,

a one way path, came too late.

I was already in knee-deep in this mush

A one way street full of sinking sand

Yet, my hand reached out for yours

what I found was a ghost of a man

As my body sunk to the bottomless pit

my heart stayed with yours beating on last time. .






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Today I saw you

Today I saw a picture of you

All the memories I suppress fluttered back

The feelings were felt once more

Yes, even the ones I loathe

Today I saw a picture of you

I was once again reminded of you

Reminded of the things you took from me

My heart is full sorrow for the friend I lost

Today I saw a picture of you

A picture that I wanted to burn

A picture of a man who hurt me so

A friend who was not really a friend

Today I saw a picture of you

Of a person who is lost

Of a person who blames the world

For the misfortunes that he brings upon himself

Today I saw a picture of my mistake

That I wish I could burn off my skin

To day I saw a picture of a blank space that for ever will be known as you


Fantasy Vs. Reality

I live for the fantasy that it would be me

That you would be better for me

Yet, as time goes by the truth settles in

Every syllable that vibrated out of those lips

Where to string me along, made to torture me

Time passes me by as it normally does

The realization that i meant nothing

Just a person to fill a gap in time

Just an object to manipulate

The change I wanted to see from you

I would not be the one to inspire it

Who knows if anyone will.

I lived for that fantasy once

Yet, now it’s a nightmare I can not surpass



At some point two worlds collided

Became one in the purest form

Hands were held; bodies were hugged

No one asked for more at any point

That was then and this is now

You became distant and cold

The loving look turned into hatred

The soft hands turned into fist

Hugs were no longer

Even through this the heart beats

The distance has not put a stop to this

While the old times are missed

They will no longer be

I miss you my cold friend

even through all of deceit


Shadows and light

A snap of the lens is all it takes

every curve, every wrinkle even the twinkle in your eyes come to life

you look radiant and full of life

with your multitude of colors and beaming light

the wall behind you shows the truth

the distorted view that is you

while still beautiful with all its light

the underneath shadows are unbecoming of you

wishing one day that empty space will fill

where the light meets the shadow and it all becomes real

the breath I hold will never suffice

since that day will never appear

 all that will be is the empty patterns on the wall

which will just have to suffice