A date with the boss?

The man in charge of everything

Always needs to be in control

Hardly breaks a smile anymore

The man in charge who are you really?

Are you the kind of man whose actually sweet?

Sweet underneath all the grudge exterior

Are you something more than the boss?

Should I go on a date with the boss?

Hey you, the man in charge there must be something different

about you then what meets the eye.


Playing The Game

The mystery behind everything

A small game of cat and mouse

Was it as fun for you as it was for me?

Well you see

When I say you can ask me anything

I mean the words I say. I’m good that way.

Now, don’t let my apprehension full you

It’s only for those watchful eyes.

So you see, you weren’t the only one playing a game

Even though I dislike games

They all start out the same.

Always fun but get too boring throughout the time

When will I get tiresome of this particular game?

Who really knows. Hey, this might just be the end.