Random thoughts

Frozen in place

Accepting that I cannot change the passed is more tiresome then one may think. It takes you to a place where nothing matters. A place where you only have energy for one thing in life. In this world of self pity nothing and no one matters. All you can think of is the one thing that hindered you in such a way.


Red ink

White walls 

Red ink 

Letters that curve as she speaks 

While you see insanity 

I see wisdom 

As she only writes what her lips do not say 

White walls 

Covered in ink, do you ever speak

For you are the only thing that hears me 

Sees my tears at night even when I sleep 

White walls 

Please never say what you must over hear

Instead let them read what these lips do not say 

In my red ink 


Takes Over

With everything going on

Every time you listen to the radio or

Watch a television show

Its seems to be everywhere

This hate seems to consume us

It sleeps, dreams and grows with us

When do we escape?

Even the children are followed from school

It hurts them and they decided to end it all

How’s it that this hate has so much power?

The power to take a child’s life?

Could it be our fault?

Do we preach too much about equality and not practice it?

We tolerate this hate

We create more of it for hit shows

We plaster our hate on t-shirts

This is all we do

When money talks we become moot

We lose our voices and opt for societies

That’s all it took for this anger to take over

It spreads its slim everywhere

Takes over our schools and teaches our children

Takes over everything

When money talks bad things happen;

remember that shall we  


No choice

Bottle after bottle

Trying to forget but not forget

Trying to find a resolution even in my drunken state

Loving the way, it all came to be

hating the situation, it left me with

secrets that I have to carry

Guilt of my betrayal

Not willing to destroy a life for nothing

Not willing to sacrifice my soul for this

It has already taken too much of a toll   

The countless sleepless nights

The heaviness of it all

Some say go with the flow, but

The wind is not near

it wants no part of my decision

Perhaps I had no choice to begin with  


Out of the lines

It is okay to stop;

sometimes we need a second to recollect.

Close your full lips and open those green eyes;

look around and see what once was no longer is

listen to what is being said and learn.

Learn how to read between the lines;

this world is no longer black and white

After all we all color out of the lines at times.