Thorn of a rose

The thorn of the roses

were plump as a peach

They thirsted for sweet blood

They craved the taste of flesh

I was too consumed with the beauty of the pedals

In trance in the vibrant color of red to notice;

how my hand vanished in a sea of red

Yet, I still held the rose;

as my hand became covered in my own blood

Drenching everything in sight

Pain erupted in my core, but I sill held on

to what was hurting me the most.



Inspirational, Poems

Deep within

Reach deep within

Look for the ugliest parts

Face what most turn a blind eye too

Face those insecurities

Turn them around in your palm

Reach deep within

Where the light does not glow

Embrace those parts of you

For they are you

Be one with the ugly

Cherish yourself

Most importantly love yourself


Truth is. .

If my walls could talk they tell you

How I clutch my pillows at night

If my walls had sight

they will describe how my chest vibrates from pain when I cry

Those are things you will never understand

How it is to love someone and walk away

Walk away even if it destroyed me

I’ve spent to many nights on the floor

with my heart right next to me

you will never understand how all of this feels

Truth is that my pain brings a smile to those lips

Those lips that I loved to love

Truth of the matter is that you meant everything to me



For me it was real; even if it wouldn’t last

for me every moment, every conversation meant something

The silly games you would play that made me smile was real

I meant every word I had shared with you

None, of me was a lie; it was all real

Now, my heart crumbles with the thought of the lies

My breath shakes when I think of all those past times

I pride myself of being my self and now I fear of it

I fear being judge for who I am or rejected because of it

Mostly I fear of being taken advantage of once again

Trust is no longer one of my cards

Trust of people over all has forsaken me


Red ink

White walls 

Red ink 

Letters that curve as she speaks 

While you see insanity 

I see wisdom 

As she only writes what her lips do not say 

White walls 

Covered in ink, do you ever speak

For you are the only thing that hears me 

Sees my tears at night even when I sleep 

White walls 

Please never say what you must over hear

Instead let them read what these lips do not say 

In my red ink 


Would take it back

I feel stupid for loving you 

Stupid for wanting to believe in you

For letting you in my heart 

They all worn me 

Told me to stay away from you 

I thought I could handle myself 

Believed that my feelings were nonexistent 

Boy, was I wrong 

They carved there way out 

Try as I may they spilled,

Out all over the place 

Now things have changed 

I should have listened 

I shouldn’t have loved you 

But I did and still do