Daily Prompt: One-Way To The End

Assumptions were made from the start

We thought we were on the same path

Foolishly we spoke about our chapter

The sway in your voice had an effect on me

Realization that this was a no mans land,

a one way path, came too late.

I was already in knee-deep in this mush

A one way street full of sinking sand

Yet, my hand reached out for yours

what I found was a ghost of a man

As my body sunk to the bottomless pit

my heart stayed with yours beating on last time. .






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True words slip my lips

As they do I wish they didn’t

The wound left behind has depth as the ocean

True words slip my lips

I regret every vibration they create

Never again do I wish to repeat

Not in this life time or another

True words fly between us

As I wish you would stop saving me

Speak the truth and set me free

Otherwise watch my demise

True words were never spoken

Even as I passed in front of your eyes



Red ink

White walls 

Red ink 

Letters that curve as she speaks 

While you see insanity 

I see wisdom 

As she only writes what her lips do not say 

White walls 

Covered in ink, do you ever speak

For you are the only thing that hears me 

Sees my tears at night even when I sleep 

White walls 

Please never say what you must over hear

Instead let them read what these lips do not say 

In my red ink 


Dear Me

why were you blind?
Why did you not realize the truth
that you would end-up caring
that the little lies you said
would catch-up to us
you let us both down
Do you realize nothing will be the same
do you feel that pain in your chest?
It’s called regret
Every single moment was made out of disrespect
Do you realize that?
He thinks of you as a worthless piece of shit
You let him see us as that way
How can I forgive you for this?
My reflection does not represent me anymore
Where is the joy; I once had?
Where did it go?
I am dying, we are dying in this regret.
Please do not let us die this way.


The moment we met was not a magical one

you were just a person to me

I did not stop and ponder about you

then things changed

Suddenly you had the best jokes

Hugs started to mean much more

In the end it was all imaginary

who was to blame?

All the nice words

Are and will always be fire,

so go a head dear spit your game

we all know its all lies

Feelings can drastically change,

so I have learned.