Daily Prompt: Age in the creases of your face

The lovely face I once knew is no more.

The smiles that was constantly on your face has disappeared.

The halls are no longer filled with your laughter or silly games.

Darkness has replaced and erased everything about you.

Turned your youthful smile to a bitter slant

True age shows in the creases on your face

The difference between us is clearer every passing day.

They say with age comes wisdom, but so far I only see

everything, but what they promise.





via Daily Prompt: Age



Secrets are like a drug

We experiment for the hype

Sample here and there

the guilt we first feel washes off

we then don’t realize that we are lying

not to just others but to our self

before we realize we cannot seem to stop

we let it sweep us off our feet

Now we are addicts 

without a thought we buy and buy

days run together

we lose track of what is real

everything loses its structure

vision starts to blur

who are we?

Who are you?

I am lying to you and you are to me


We rush through these streets just to lie

We are together but not together

Bad habits grow in cement

I’ve changed and you don’t seem to see

That I am not me anymore

And you are not who you pretend to be

Our imperfections are out for the world to see

I am no miss congeniality