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My own

My view is clouded

I can’t seem to distinguish

Between reality and a delusion

How I wish my reality was a delusion

My view is clouded

My heart weeps for the past

I am my own rock theses days

I am all I have left

In my weakness I remember

All the lessons of the past

In my clouded view I search for laughter

I search high and low for a glimpse of hope

My view might be hazy

My heart might be broken

But I am my own rock

For better or worse


Truth is. .

If my walls could talk they tell you

How I clutch my pillows at night

If my walls had sight

they will describe how my chest vibrates from pain when I cry

Those are things you will never understand

How it is to love someone and walk away

Walk away even if it destroyed me

I’ve spent to many nights on the floor

with my heart right next to me

you will never understand how all of this feels

Truth is that my pain brings a smile to those lips

Those lips that I loved to love

Truth of the matter is that you meant everything to me


Clear as day

The icy air touches my skin

Goose bumps spread across my skin

here I am remembering warm days

loving the way the sun warms my skin

enjoying the smell of flowers everywhere

then the warmth turned into coldness

stinging my skin with every second spent outside

No, more am I surrounded by flowers

Instead I look upon dead plants

the color has been sucked dried

The will to care is leaving me

Tears roll down my face with no end

I hurt for the ignorance

I hurt for the things you do not say

For the actions that are clear as day





the pain is deep
I feel it through my heart all the way to my feet
it rips me apart everyday, every second the clock ticks by
whose at fault?
well I only have myself to blame
for I chose to listen to the heart
for I chose to run without shoes
I am the victim and the aggressor
now, I must live through my pain
must swallow it like tequila down my throat
tired of feeling sorry for myself
I fell for the wrong man
for the one who says all the right things
for the one who acts a certain way
I knew better than to believe all the lies
yet, I chose to be blind
now, the gloves are off
the game has ended and there is nothing left of me



The moment we met was not a magical one

you were just a person to me

I did not stop and ponder about you

then things changed

Suddenly you had the best jokes

Hugs started to mean much more

In the end it was all imaginary

who was to blame?

All the nice words

Are and will always be fire,

so go a head dear spit your game

we all know its all lies

Feelings can drastically change,

so I have learned.