True words slip my lips

As they do I wish they didn’t

The wound left behind has depth as the ocean

True words slip my lips

I regret every vibration they create

Never again do I wish to repeat

Not in this life time or another

True words fly between us

As I wish you would stop saving me

Speak the truth and set me free

Otherwise watch my demise

True words were never spoken

Even as I passed in front of your eyes



Flips Everything

sweet dreams end in tragedy

love for one self turns to hate

self-love turns in to distaste

happiness seems unreachable

laying with the enemy changes you

wishing to swim in sin once more

Lying to one self for one night

Sweet dreams that end in tragedy

Would it be worth it for only one night?

Even if the price to pay is losing yourself

Losing you; to swim in sin once more?




The moment we met was not a magical one

you were just a person to me

I did not stop and ponder about you

then things changed

Suddenly you had the best jokes

Hugs started to mean much more

In the end it was all imaginary

who was to blame?

All the nice words

Are and will always be fire,

so go a head dear spit your game

we all know its all lies

Feelings can drastically change,

so I have learned.