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My own

My view is clouded

I can’t seem to distinguish

Between reality and a delusion

How I wish my reality was a delusion

My view is clouded

My heart weeps for the past

I am my own rock theses days

I am all I have left

In my weakness I remember

All the lessons of the past

In my clouded view I search for laughter

I search high and low for a glimpse of hope

My view might be hazy

My heart might be broken

But I am my own rock

For better or worse

Random thoughts

Good bye to you sir

You are my little secrete that’s not, so secrete any longer. You see I had made a promise that I would not open my lips and I did not. I cherished all the memories that were made and even the ones that erupted and destroyed me. Let’s give you a name shall we, hmm how about John. Yes, that works for me. So you see John I kept our dirty little secrete, however you did not. Now, I am not sure if you meant to destroy my friendships, but intent does not matter, what matters is the repercussions of that action that matters. John, do you even realize how much it pained me to do the right thing and let you go? Do you even care that I have cried, so much this year alone to fill up a pool ten times over? I don’t think you can even understand the amount of pain and torment you have put me through. Yet, I still try to give you the benefit of the doubt. However, I am done now. I realizes that we are strangers from here on out. That everything has changed and I am stronger because of it even through my pain. John, I kept the secrete; why couldn’t you?



Perfect couple holding hands

Out for a walk in the moon light

Going out for drinks or a dinner

Perfect clothes even perfect teeth

Laughing never stops

At least that’s what I perceive

After all I’m the stranger looking in

I’m blinded by the  glamour

All I see is the diamond necklace but not the marks underneath

I see how slim you’ve become but turn my nose on how little you eat

At this point whose worse him or me?

I see all the signs yet I say nothing and do nothing

Oh, friend how dare I call myself a friend

When I leave you to suffer by the hands of such a man

Leave you to suffer mentally and emotionally

Feeling lost and secluded from everything

Days turn into night

Years turn into relief that no child was conceived

I know you weep when he’s gone for endless days

Tears of lost joy

Of the life that should have been and never was

Now, here we are my friend in this together

Watching people say there goodbyes

Wondering why no one saw the signs

The only thing is we both did, but it’s now too late

All it took was one mistake

Truth be told I was dead before the first year

Sorry, my friend; I left you, so soon to bare this without strength



Only Enough

Where are all the friends

When your being torn into pieces

Limb by limb being shredded

Going through the grinder we call life

Where are they?

Where are the people who know you best?

They all smile at you

As if you have everything under control

Ha, if you only knew

That I’m being dragged around like a rag doll through the mud

Old tendencies are fighting to come back

I know I shouldn’t, but it’ll be, so easy

Why, must it be this way

I should have listen to my gut and just walked away

Now I can’t seem to get by a day

This feeling of weakness is disgusting

How can I face the world if I’m not feeling content?

People always try to take something

Always trying to peel back layers of skin

Only give them enough to keep them at bay

Only give them just enough, to ease their curiosity

No, one gets hurt that way

No, damage at all