True words slip my lips

As they do I wish they didn’t

The wound left behind has depth as the ocean

True words slip my lips

I regret every vibration they create

Never again do I wish to repeat

Not in this life time or another

True words fly between us

As I wish you would stop saving me

Speak the truth and set me free

Otherwise watch my demise

True words were never spoken

Even as I passed in front of your eyes


Inspirational, Poems

State of mind

I am an individual with my own thoughts

An individual that wants to be belong

Does this fact make me lesser of a person?

May I wear my bold lips as I choose and where?

There is the word that chains with a hard grip

May I. . May I. .

Why, do I ask for permission to do what I can.

I am an individual with her own thoughts

That will belong in her own way somehow

Belonging is neither here or there

It’s a state of mind

Even the greats have moments of dismay


A never ending story

once there was a majestic tree

children would climb to the highest peak

during stormy nights it would look freighting

then in the mornings it would look so graceful

As time passed those same children

would have their first kiss under those same branches

They would also go on and have their first heart aches under those leaves

many things would change for them all, but the one constant is the majestic tree

They all fell in love and married

only one stayed behind

and married underneath those leaves

the story never ends. .