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My own

My view is clouded

I can’t seem to distinguish

Between reality and a delusion

How I wish my reality was a delusion

My view is clouded

My heart weeps for the past

I am my own rock theses days

I am all I have left

In my weakness I remember

All the lessons of the past

In my clouded view I search for laughter

I search high and low for a glimpse of hope

My view might be hazy

My heart might be broken

But I am my own rock

For better or worse


Red Lips

I wore it like a mask today

I was feeling inadequate

All my worries seemed to haunt me

However, those are loyal customers

my spirit needed air, so off I went

crossing river beds

fighting through mud to find the freshest air

the view was breath-taking

all the dangers were worth the risk for the view

my spirit rejoiced that I fought

for our peace and mind

on the journey back however, the ugly feeling returned

a new fight started

so yes, I wore red on my lips

made sure to not make haste

once each line was to perfection

I knew I had won

The paint gave me power

Gave me life

Like so many others who have worn the same mask

I saw life differently for once

They say real men wear pink

Well, I say real women wear red.


No longer

In my world women don’t do many things

In my world women are seen as property

Seen less than an equal

We are objects that are judge

We are either too fat or too skinny

Men are the buyers and society the suppliers

And us?

Well, we are the mindless ones;

Who succumb to plastic surgery.

Whatever it takes to make them happy

In my world women are supposed to dream;

About big weddings and little ones.

Not, office jobs and condos

Not, adventuring the deepest of blue seas

Certainly not seeing multiple people

There will come a day

Where I will have a choice to make.

The decision will be mine and mine alone.

Not societies and its corrupt idealization of women.

It will not be my world for much longer

Inspirational, Poems

Time for change

  In a world full of beautiful majestic things

Why are we full of hate?

We are consumed with distaste for each other

Why do we feel this way?

Are we not all human?

I may be different with my Mayan roots

Yet, my heart still beats the same as yours

When I bleed, I bleed red too

My pigmentation does not change that

It doesn’t affect who I am or who I can be

I smile and laugh just as you would

Why does my language offend you?

When I have embraced yours?

I’m done being your door matt

No, child of mine will grow being fearful

Fearful of walking out the door

No, child of mine will ever feel inferior than yours

This majestic world deserves better

We deserve better

No one is superior then the next

You have said it once; you’ve said we are the same

It’s time to show it