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My own

My view is clouded

I can’t seem to distinguish

Between reality and a delusion

How I wish my reality was a delusion

My view is clouded

My heart weeps for the past

I am my own rock theses days

I am all I have left

In my weakness I remember

All the lessons of the past

In my clouded view I search for laughter

I search high and low for a glimpse of hope

My view might be hazy

My heart might be broken

But I am my own rock

For better or worse


One Goal

Composure is the game

the goal of today

the rest will be taken in

felt whenever the moment permits

the volcano of the ugly truth;

will just have to wait

the reality of it all will settle

for now, my heart aches

sadness threatens me every passing second

even the strongest army would find defeat

their armory will melt under this heat;

their knees would buckle and hearts will shatter

yet, here I stand.

a lone wolf under a difficult storm

how I handle it all?

I don’t.


Like the wind

As difficult it is to say the words

I must let them slip through my lips

I must feel the vibration of each symbol the words can make


There I said it

Don’t think it’s easy for me to say

It breaks my heart

 My soul wants to cry

My eyes rage like a river on a stormy day

 would you ever understand?

I think not

But here I am trying to explain

I wished for so many things

I wished for things to change in me for both our sake

Yet, it was a waste of faith

Goodbye my love

If you read on know that I love you

Know that I want you to live though I’m gone

I tried to change and so did you

I know this

But you didn’t have to change; not at all




Hi there, it’s Daisy here; I wanted to tell you guys about what’s happening in my life at the moment. Here it goes. I recently lost someone in my life who I got to know for a little while. Now, I’m not saying that we were best friends or anything, but I did very much like him as a friend and most importantly has a person. He had so much confidence and it followed him in everything he did. . . At least that’s what I saw, but truly he was hiding his imperfections behind his actions. He suffered within him self until the very end. I was told he died from a car accident, but in reality he ended it all. He was in the same line of work as my self and he became over whelmed with self doubt. . . I don’t blame myself for his death at all, but I do have regret. I have regret of not reaching out to help him or to get to know him more and help him through it all. Yet, I know that nothing could have been done to help if he didn’t want it.