Inspirational, Poems

Deep within

Reach deep within

Look for the ugliest parts

Face what most turn a blind eye too

Face those insecurities

Turn them around in your palm

Reach deep within

Where the light does not glow

Embrace those parts of you

For they are you

Be one with the ugly

Cherish yourself

Most importantly love yourself


Splashes of color

Blank canvas staring at my soul

You are always the same

Never changing with your wide shoulders

Showing me things that I could possibly be

Saying the things that I could never say

Blank canvas, would you care?

Would you care if I threw red paint on you?

Would you care if I followed it with yellow, then maybe blue?

Does it bother you that I want to change you?

What if I smeared black on those shoulders?

Would that hide the red?

Please don’t cry canvas

Wipe those tears away or the paint will smear

In the end you were right to cry

In the end you were right and I was wrong

They pinned you high and called you abstract

They call you unique, memorable, but never beautiful

Never given the time of day; for that I’m dearly sorry

Yet, you need to understand one thing;

We are all abstract

Some of us have more pink than red, but we are the same

You see canvas we all start blank

As the years passes color starts to stain us

This does not make us the same; we are still unique

Just like it makes us beautiful


Empty canvas

I used to be a person;

Once upon a time

Not only was I handsome, but intelligent too

Always had something to do

Unique would be the best way to describe me

Always chasing the moon

Laughing until I dropped

Beers on Saturday and church on Sunday

Took criticism with a grain of salt

Yes, I used to be handsome;

To you, to me, and everybody else, really

Everyone wanted to be me; to be with me

No one could resist the casual attitude

The air of confidence that was me

I didn’t live life; life was me

What changed; you ask?

Well take a seat and get comfy

The answer is, you

You showed-up dressed in a glow

Glow of sun shine from head to toe

You were so bright that my eyes burned

Your voice was angelic to my ears

All of it was a beautifully crafted scheme

Well congratulations it worked

I’m no longer a person;

Just a shell of a human being

No longer thought of handsome

No longer unique; you stripped me of everything

I am now; just an empty canvas