In my darkest hours

Memories resurface

They greet me with joy

Ready to crush me

Some how along the way

The moon lights my way

No, I’m not fully recovered

Maybe I’ll never be the old me,

But do I really want to be?


After being kicked down
After having your soul ripped from
Underneath your skin
A touch is the last thing you want
A smile feels like a slap in the face
It hurts and bleeds it's gruesome red
What is left?
Nothing but an empty shell

Forgive yourself

The hardest part of life is not making mistakes because everyone makes those. No, the hardest would have to be is accepting the fact you made a mistake and there's nothing you can do to change the past. The only thing left would be is to forgive yourself for hurting someone else in the process of you learning a lesson. I think we tend to forget that we are only human at the end of the day.

State of mind

I am an individual with my own thoughts

An individual that wants to be belong

Does this fact make me lesser of a person?

May I wear my bold lips as I choose and where?

There is the word that chains with a hard grip

May I. . May I. .

Why, do I ask for permission to do what I can.

I am an individual with her own thoughts

That will belong in her own way somehow

Belonging is neither here or there

It’s a state of mind

Even the greats have moments of dismay

An inviable fight

Grasping for the right words

for the words that will express how I feel

yet, I am coming up with empty hands

nothing feels the same to me anymore

all I feel is bitter nothingness

a warm heart with a cold exterior

wearing it like a solder in a battle field

Fighting a battle in my own head space


A never ending story

once there was a majestic tree

children would climb to the highest peak

during stormy nights it would look freighting

then in the mornings it would look so graceful

As time passed those same children

would have their first kiss under those same branches

They would also go on and have their first heart aches under those leaves

many things would change for them all, but the one constant is the majestic tree

They all fell in love and married

only one stayed behind

and married underneath those leaves

the story never ends. .