Fantasy Vs. Reality

I live for the fantasy that it would be me

That you would be better for me

Yet, as time goes by the truth settles in

Every syllable that vibrated out of those lips

Where to string me along, made to torture me

Time passes me by as it normally does

The realization that i meant nothing

Just a person to fill a gap in time

Just an object to manipulate

The change I wanted to see from you

I would not be the one to inspire it

Who knows if anyone will.

I lived for that fantasy once

Yet, now it’s a nightmare I can not surpass

Just count

I am everywhere and no where

The breaths I take are counted

One. Two. Three.release

I live on edge all the time

The place for relaxation is inexistent

Not tangible never was never will be

I am everything but most days

There’s nothing left of me

One. Two. Three. . .Release

Not one of a kind

Those shoes you wear

Yes, the ones you’re wearing now

I’ve worn them too

They feel comfortable don’t they?

You are having the best time, right now.


Shh let me tell you a secret, it doesn’t last

The heels on those red pumps

Will tear after every use

Before long they’ll break into two

Trust me because I’ve worn them too

First step

It’s okay to change even if others do not understand as to why. Only you know the struggle in your mind and soul. The first step to strength is to admit weakness and to attack it. We are always stronger than what we assume we are.

Not this heart

Love is a fatal attraction 

You lose yourself in it’s whirlpool

You start to disappear slowly 

Salt water stings your eyes and blinds you 

The sounds of the waves crashing 

Hinders you from hearing the truth 

The truth is that he lies 

It’s all been an act this persona

An act to hide the scared boy he really is 

Love is a fatal attraction 

I do not attend to be it’s next attraction 


Frozen in place

Accepting that I cannot change the passed is more tiresome then one may think. It takes you to a place where nothing matters. A place where you only have energy for one thing in life. In this world of self pity nothing and no one matters. All you can think of is the one thing that hindered you in such a way.