Random thoughts

Small moments of despair

We all have moments in our life that tear us down and threatens to destroy us. I’ve been dealing with this accept of life for a while now, the lies that comes out of my mouth on a daily surprises me. Yet, it is the only way that I can stay sane in my daily life. It’s extremely difficult to not let myself crumble even at my lowest moments. While many may think that its ridicules to come overwhelm with emotions over an individual; to me it’s about losing trust in people. The saying we are all going through something could not be even more truthful. It’s ridiculous to think that my issues are more important than someone else’s issues. Not to diminish what is going on in my life, but there is a time and place for everything and while trying to build a career or even opportunities for myself this emotional aspect needs to be turned off. It has been a trait I learned to apply in life in my adult years and to be honest the hardest of things to apply. Yet, it has been the most full filling lessons I have learned as of yet.

Always remember,

Solo Sonrie

Just smile.



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