Random thoughts

Good bye to you sir

You are my little secrete that’s not, so secrete any longer. You see I had made a promise that I would not open my lips and I did not. I cherished all the memories that were made and even the ones that erupted and destroyed me. Let’s give you a name shall we, hmm how about John. Yes, that works for me. So you see John I kept our dirty little secrete, however you did not. Now, I am not sure if you meant to destroy my friendships, but intent does not matter, what matters is the repercussions of that action that matters. John, do you even realize how much it pained me to do the right thing and let you go? Do you even care that I have cried, so much this year alone to fill up a pool ten times over? I don’t think you can even understand the amount of pain and torment you have put me through. Yet, I still try to give you the benefit of the doubt. However, I am done now. I realizes that we are strangers from here on out. That everything has changed and I am stronger because of it even through my pain. John, I kept the secrete; why couldn’t you?

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