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Inner monologue

The thing about life is that you never know where the roads are going to take you. Everything you ever thought you wanted could change with a swipe off the road. The weather changes and you have to decide if you crumble in the storm or fight as hell to get through it all.  Truth though we are human and the fight is in all of us, but what makes us different is the will to live and thrive, no matter the circumstances we find our self in. That is where our true nature is, not what others see on a daily life, but the person no one really sees. I know you know whom I am talking about, the inner you the one that says tell him to fuck off, the one who says she really didn’t mean it that way. Yes, the one we all hide for many different reasons. I for one hide the part of myself that cares too deeply about others, even when they screw me time and time again. Yet, that is who I am in the inside and if I change this fact about myself, if for a moment I change to make someone pay for what they have done then that makes me no better than them. I for one refuse to do that, I have come too far to let others ruin my nature. It’s a road that has chosen me not the other way away around. It’s hard and I struggle every single day to keep smiling and pushing forward, to bring some happiness into other people’s days. That is what brings me peace and joy as well as heart ache at times. If you kept on reading thank you, I hope this touched your heart in a deep way, always remember keep striving to be better and do better.


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