Always running 

Conflicting feelings are all I know 

All I could think of day in and day out

Pretending became my new hobby 

Told the lies I couldn’t take 

Said that we had the value of gold 

The lies were far more valuable at first

Then the sun went away 

The clouds started to settle in 

My surroundings started to blur 

We were once friends before there was more 

Too bad the gold turned into coal

These conflicting feelings became torture 

The more I felt the more I ran 

I wasn’t the only one though. 

You might as well have been running water 

Finding it’s way through every crack 

At least one of us is able to escape 

There’s no escape in my jail 

Jail otherwise known as skin

Skin that covers me and softens me 

Conflicted every single day 

Drowning in my own fear 

Craving my own grave 

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