2 thoughts on “Perfect person? 

  1. nobodys perfect. the most perfect person i ever dated, i married. i had to. but although we were great as boyfriend and girlfriend, we fell apart as a married couple.

    the most perfect person i ever lived with– that was after my marriage. that was the stuff of soulmates, but we fell apart too.

    the most perfect person i know, i call “sun-girl.” because my favorite people on the entire planet are sun-girl, moon-girl, and star-girl. and i want to meet a person (female or male) who can be my sun, and my moon, and my stars. but for now i have these very, very special friends, none of whom im likely to end up with in a romantic relationship. i would consider sun-moon-star-girl a potential soulmate. most importantly though, i think you get more than one chance.

    i also think theres more to love than soulmates. in some ways, ive never loved anyone as much as sun-girl. i met the guy shes dating now the other day, it ought to sting but it doesnt (its a long story.) but im not waiting for her, and she wouldnt want me to. because even though we love each other, we are “just friends.” our souls may have some great karma together– this is a young woman who feels hundreds of years old to me, i love the ground she walks on– but if i met a girl tomorrow id tell her about it sooner or later. shed be happy for me. are we soulmates? (who cares?) we are closer than anyone else in my life. a piece of my soul exists just for her. i wish i could marry her, we dont live in that world. and i may tomorrow meet an even greater person.

    part of what makes her so incredibly special is what she does to the world, even without us dating. if i meet her, its as special as coming home to my wife used to be. when youve experienced the love of your life, and another person makes you feel that way, you know that somethings up. and you slowly learn to trust possibility over the feeling that you screwed up your one big chance at happiness. perhaps i will never marry again– i think the odds of finding another soulmate are better.


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I never really thought of the possibility of finding the love of my life as separate form finding a soulmate. I always considered the two the same, but if makes sense that the two would be different.


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