Standing a lone 

Rough playgrounds 

Not a silver spoon in sight 

Not a book untorn in the school library 

Christmas Day only one gift under the tree 

Once I had to make my own Christmas tree

Pops lost his job, mom was working day and night 

Wrapping up old toys to give to each other 

Now, I could be corny and say 

I learned the true meaning of Christmas 

I could, but I won’t 

 No, what I learned is hard work pays off 

You see we had very little 

But what we had no one could take away

I learned is better to be strong and silent 

Then to be loud and have no voice 

My actions carry a bigger threat than 

The voice everyone hears and ignores 

So I stand a lone with my silence 

And speak with volume that will not land on deaf ears 

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