Perfect couple holding hands

Out for a walk in the moon light

Going out for drinks or a dinner

Perfect clothes even perfect teeth

Laughing never stops

At least that’s what I perceive

After all I’m the stranger looking in

I’m blinded by the  glamour

All I see is the diamond necklace but not the marks underneath

I see how slim you’ve become but turn my nose on how little you eat

At this point whose worse him or me?

I see all the signs yet I say nothing and do nothing

Oh, friend how dare I call myself a friend

When I leave you to suffer by the hands of such a man

Leave you to suffer mentally and emotionally

Feeling lost and secluded from everything

Days turn into night

Years turn into relief that no child was conceived

I know you weep when he’s gone for endless days

Tears of lost joy

Of the life that should have been and never was

Now, here we are my friend in this together

Watching people say there goodbyes

Wondering why no one saw the signs

The only thing is we both did, but it’s now too late

All it took was one mistake

Truth be told I was dead before the first year

Sorry, my friend; I left you, so soon to bare this without strength


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