I feel myself slowly slipping 

The happy go free side of me 

I’m trying hard to hold on 

Trying not to loose my grip 

The sweat is staining my clothes 

My arms and legs are banged up 

From the effort of staying on this cliff 

It’s only me, myself and I 

Who knows the truth 

I’ve done what I can 

And now I have nothing else to loose 

I don’t mean to sound like an ignorant fool

Even though that’s what it sounds like

To hear your self say the words 

To say the words that are, so not true 

Yet, I say them 

I say them when I’m looking 

From the outside in 

I hate you 

I hate you with all my might 

Look what you have done to us 

Are you happy now? 

No, I’m not; are you better now? 

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