Daily Prompt: More than a Shiver

A touch from you is, so much more than just a caress

It sparks a shiver that runs through out

The slightest way your mouth twitches at the corner

Is suggestive and we both know it

So easily I use the word shiver

The word itself conveys lust

However, the spark in the air runs deeper

Deeper than then just lust

You are my friend

You are my foe at times

The rock I stand on when the rivers run to high

The rock I pick-up to through when anger strikes

Comical, how most people think we are a fling

If they only knew

Eight years we stood side by side

With standing the storms of daily life

Yes, you read correctly eight long years

Yet, the shivers still remain

they grow deeper every passing day





via Daily Prompt: Shiver

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