Tapping away

New home, new job, new company

Yet, everything stayed the same

Walking down this sidewalk with strangers on the daily

Bad coffee after bad coffee

Cycle begins once again

Strangers pushing me forward

Pulling at my hair at times

Kids running from the police

No, once seems to notice or care

Too busy having conference calls

I said I would not change

I said that I would be different

I lied.

I climbed all my way to the top

Drew blood, but it wasn’t mine.

I was ruthless; a monster really

Even my parents did not recognize me

How could they I never detached from my phone

Long gone is the person who went looking for perfect coffee

Long gone was the person who would take the stairs

Long gone was the human being that cared

Who am I, now?

I am me, I am you, I am the person who lives inside of you

Creepy thought, right?

That a complete stranger can live within you

Yet, the potential to be someone else is always there

Just tapping at the window.

It’s up to you if it’s an improvement or downgrade.

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