Living for the sake of living is not enough

Watching these kids grow before my eyes

From taking their first steps;

To attending universities

Can you see these gray hairs on my head?

Life has been passing me by

I’ve been too busy with my head in the clouds

Not noticing life is leaving me behind

Here I am working hard

For what?

Do I love what I do?

 No, I do not.

I dream of grand things

I dream of plane rides to different cities every night

Dreaming of helping people just like me

People with these incredible dreams

This life we were given is not a waste

Don’t live just too live

Enjoy the air we breathe, every single day

Enjoy the soil between your toes

Remind yourself that you are worth it

Remind yourself you are talented enough

Remind yourself that you deserve whatever

Your heart desires and go for it

Let us stop being a statue in our own life

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