You would not dare

The words I don’t say are the ones you hear

Those are the ones I don’t need to say

they are meant for me not you

they feed my soul everyday

who are you to take them from me?

Why, when I speak you don’t comprehend?

Is my accent too thick for you?

You correct my grammar every chance you get

You made a joke once.

Said you should teach ESL.

Now, that you are immersed in culture  

HA, did I forget to laugh?

Or was my palm crossing your face enough for one day

You said Immersed as if we are a toping for your ice cream

A flavor you can sample and throw away

A topic for conversation; not the people who scrub your floors every day.

Surly, not the people you blame for your grass not being green enough

No, not you. You wouldn’t dream of being, so stereotypical.

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