Perception is not everything

On a busy street you would ignore me;

You would even give me a wide breath.

Might even drop some coins

Into my coffee as you go on your busy day

Your preconceived notion not only has you blind,

But it makes you ignorant to the fact

That I have no shoes on because I took them off,

To give them to the homeless man now wearing them

Your prejudgment of me does not let you see,

That my driver is waiting for me.

Take the blinders off and realize that your busy day

Would not be, so if I was not the cofounder of the company 

Now, here you are passing judgment on me?

While I give you the benefit of the doubt

When you call in sick; knowing well enough that

You are down the street drinking your pension away.

I will not lie; I prefer retail brand over name brand

I take my shoes off to give to the homeless man.

No second thoughts on giving up my driver for the night 

For the safety of young women to get home

What have you done lately?


Perhaps you should turn those judgmental eyes

And look in a mirror for once.

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