Random thoughts

Thoughts on fairy tales

Growing-up I always thought that fairy tales were real. That people would find each other at coffee shops, drinking their daily shot of espresso. That two complete strangers would make eye contact across the room and one of them would make, the first move and speak to the other. In reality though two people would make eye contact and neither would make a move. We will let the small opportunity go because of fear of rejection. Why? Who really knows, everyone has their theories. I personally think that we make-up too many assumptions on each other, so when we see someone we are interested in we tend to think he/she will never go for me. Now, you may think it’s because of lack of confidence, but that’s false even the most confident people have their insecurities. Think about it; why, do most men go to the gym other than health? Why, do most women spend hours on make-up? If you ask me what the two have in common, I would say self-improvement. We are all judge harshly on our appearance from day one, that as we grow older we pick-up insecurities which leads us to work on “improving” our features. Now, I am not saying that we should stop caring about our appearances; however, I do think that it should not be our main focus. We should all strive to be confident in the fact that we are awesome in our own way and that the handsome/ pretty person on the other side of the room would be fortunate enough to have a conversation with us. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all meet someone new every day? I do not mean in the sense that you will have a romantic life with new people every day, but perhaps you could just make more friends. The act of storytelling is not dead we just need to find a more personal way to listen to other people’s life stories.

Now, you can call me naïve for still believing in fairy tales maybe that is why, I’m a writer.

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