Only Enough

Where are all the friends

When your being torn into pieces

Limb by limb being shredded

Going through the grinder we call life

Where are they?

Where are the people who know you best?

They all smile at you

As if you have everything under control

Ha, if you only knew

That I’m being dragged around like a rag doll through the mud

Old tendencies are fighting to come back

I know I shouldn’t, but it’ll be, so easy

Why, must it be this way

I should have listen to my gut and just walked away

Now I can’t seem to get by a day

This feeling of weakness is disgusting

How can I face the world if I’m not feeling content?

People always try to take something

Always trying to peel back layers of skin

Only give them enough to keep them at bay

Only give them just enough, to ease their curiosity

No, one gets hurt that way

No, damage at all  

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