Means Nothing

The microphone in front of me

People all around me asking me to speak

Say the words that I need to say

So easily for others to dictate

I cannot seem to get on stage

My heart thumps recklessly; it’ll explode for sure

I’m a poet not a vocalist

They say the two go hand in hand

Yea, maybe they do

I’m not there yet

I tremble at the slightest touch

Growing timid with it all

Inspiration so hard to come by

The fear of failure is taking me

It creeps on me so quietly that noise hurts me

The stability has left me

I miss that the most

The familiar touch of a hand is gone

Never to be seen again

Tears that I don’t shed

Threaten me everyday

Here I am stumbling across to find myself

Who am I?

Nothing more than these words inside my head

No more than the river within myself

This mike means nothing to me

It might as well electrocute me

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