Don’t need to fear

The feeling between my finger tips

Hearing the way, the rain hits pavement on a rainy day

Watching lighting strike across the soggy land

Little children counting down until the thunder rolls

my heart thumps even louder with every strike of lighting

the energy is vibrant

it makes me smile goofily

I step out from safety

I twirl in the rain, with arms stretched out by sides

My hair become wet in seconds and I don’t care

The rain caresses my face and I smile up at the sky

People look around thinking I’m insane

Lightning strikes by my feet   

People yell for me to come back

The twirling begins once again

I am not afraid

Twirl, strike, twirl, strike

The dance becomes our little game

The game of elements and human

I am not afraid

I forgive myself for everything

Don’t need to fear what I do not understand

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