First Sight

Friends at first sight

if I’m speaking honestly

Spending our free time playing tag

Our moms would holler from across the park

That it was time to go and to pack it up

As we grew older nothing really changed between us

People would say “oh, they’re together”

When they would see us walking down the street;

On a hot day to buy ice cream.

I didn’t see that happening

While you grew taller and muscular

I just saw the same old boy who ate dirt

Friends that is what I thought we were

Then came a day when you went away

I lost my mind for a little bit

Twenty years later here we are

At the same old playground

Watching our kids play together like we once did

You are a widower and I a divorcee

Who would have thought we would meet again?

This time things have changed

You are no longer the boy who ate dirt.

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