Screen Shot

All we have left are memories

memories of who we used to be

minuets forever stored in our minds;

of a single moment, that meant something on that day.

All we are left with are screen shots of a person’s life.

As if that one moment can capture it all.

As if their essence can be captured in time

So much can change in a year

So much has changed from then too now

I carry old scars along with the new

I feel them every day as I move

They make me who I am today

Yet, it doesn’t hurt any less

As I go down memory lane

I see flames

I see feelings that went unsaid

Words that later were said in the most hurtful ways

Words that slice through your soul

They burned like acid running down your delicate skin

Skin that will never be the same again

Now, my only regret is not seeing what truly was

That the person who I thought you were had vacated

That the new tenant is a cruel creature to behold

So those memories that once were so dear are no longer

They will fall into a bottomless pit never to surface again

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