Takes Over

With everything going on

Every time you listen to the radio or

Watch a television show

Its seems to be everywhere

This hate seems to consume us

It sleeps, dreams and grows with us

When do we escape?

Even the children are followed from school

It hurts them and they decided to end it all

How’s it that this hate has so much power?

The power to take a child’s life?

Could it be our fault?

Do we preach too much about equality and not practice it?

We tolerate this hate

We create more of it for hit shows

We plaster our hate on t-shirts

This is all we do

When money talks we become moot

We lose our voices and opt for societies

That’s all it took for this anger to take over

It spreads its slim everywhere

Takes over our schools and teaches our children

Takes over everything

When money talks bad things happen;

remember that shall we  

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