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Drawing a blank

Every writer hits the wall at some point. We start to stumble on what we want to say or how we are feeling and can’t seem to get the words out. When this happens I wine with frustration like a little school girl. I hate when the words just don’t come out and if they do they are well horrible. My ideas are all over the place or they are just painfully obvious whom I am referring too. When I was in school I would ask my close friends to give me a word to write about and I would think on that word and eventually come-up with something. Now, I try to use photos to do the same thing, hoping that a picture will spark inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Drawing a blank

  1. You have a creative mind and images obviously are the spark that allows you to access your whirlpool of thoughts. Many authors go for walks (Stephen King), or write in areas where they can observe the world (J.K. Rowling). This sensory input flooding into their eye holes sparks all kinds of new and creative ways of thinking. Now that you’ve found your key, make sure you turn it often! Best of luck to you in your writing.


    1. Thank you so much. I agree images help me when I’m trying to write something meaningful. I have been itching to go somewhere and observe people and see what ideas come to mind.

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