Inspirational, Poems

Time for change

  In a world full of beautiful majestic things

Why are we full of hate?

We are consumed with distaste for each other

Why do we feel this way?

Are we not all human?

I may be different with my Mayan roots

Yet, my heart still beats the same as yours

When I bleed, I bleed red too

My pigmentation does not change that

It doesn’t affect who I am or who I can be

I smile and laugh just as you would

Why does my language offend you?

When I have embraced yours?

I’m done being your door matt

No, child of mine will grow being fearful

Fearful of walking out the door

No, child of mine will ever feel inferior than yours

This majestic world deserves better

We deserve better

No one is superior then the next

You have said it once; you’ve said we are the same

It’s time to show it

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