How long have your hands been at my throat?

How long have these strings controlled me?

I’ve asked time and time again

You have always dismissed me

Dismissed my concerns about everything

Even as I heard mothers cry their child’s name;

As the casket is lowered to the ground

You told me not to worry when a group

Of people enjoying life were gunned down

When I tried to speak

You tighten your grip around my throat

The loss of oxygen was enough to spark the fight

I tossed and turned until you lost your grip

Free at last

The pavement made my feet bleed

I ran harder from you and your insecurities

The ground started to shake

I thought it was you after me

I tripped and fell on my knees

Suddenly my hands were free

The blindfold was gone and I could see

What I saw were others

From all different walks of life, but they stand as one

Hand in hand

Voice to voice

Helping me

I’m not longer afraid and finally free  

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