Upside Down

Never realized how easily it would be to fall

 How effortless it would be

I appear to be aloof

While inside the colors are doing jumping jacks

The sun is shining, so bright that it hurts

Birds are singing my favorite song

The life I’ve never wanted becomes touchable

I can taste the smiles, the kisses, the little hands to hold

The images are there, so close almost reachable

Yes, it would be effortless

Like falling through the clouds

It would still take my breath away;

To see all the different colors of the world

Yellows kissing oranges making sun-kiss colors;

That only the sun could possibly make

If you look closely you can see heaven

With light blue skies that when you look down you are flying

The world turns upside down and you are the sky

And I’m on the ground    

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