Inspirational, Random thoughts

Growing Pains

As I get older I’m starting to realize that my “first” are eventually going to come to an end. I was too young to remember my first steps or first words and those are important milestones in my life. The older I become the more life changing decisions I have to make; that scare me to death. At times it’s difficult to make those decisions not only because they are the ones that can make you or break you, but also because the lines of right and wrong start to blur. I think that’s where we all make our mistakes or think we have made one. We think about what others would say or their opinions on our behavior; rather than what we think of them. While yes later on in life I might regret certain things, but then again at least I’ll have a story to tell. Who knows who I will meet in life and the advice I would be able to share from my own down falls. That’s what life is about, right?

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