Empty canvas

I used to be a person;

Once upon a time

Not only was I handsome, but intelligent too

Always had something to do

Unique would be the best way to describe me

Always chasing the moon

Laughing until I dropped

Beers on Saturday and church on Sunday

Took criticism with a grain of salt

Yes, I used to be handsome;

To you, to me, and everybody else, really

Everyone wanted to be me; to be with me

No one could resist the casual attitude

The air of confidence that was me

I didn’t live life; life was me

What changed; you ask?

Well take a seat and get comfy

The answer is, you

You showed-up dressed in a glow

Glow of sun shine from head to toe

You were so bright that my eyes burned

Your voice was angelic to my ears

All of it was a beautifully crafted scheme

Well congratulations it worked

I’m no longer a person;

Just a shell of a human being

No longer thought of handsome

No longer unique; you stripped me of everything

I am now; just an empty canvas

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