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The meaning of life?

 We all fumble through life every single one of us and we all act like we don’t. There are some of us that act like we got it all figured out like the sky isn’t falling even on the worse days. Needless to say those people are full of crap. At the end of the day we all go to sleep wondering if tomorrow will be better or worse than today. We all wonder if our little white lies will come and hunt us soon. I think it’s just our nature to always try to one up each other, but when do the games end? When do we realize that all the time we spend pretending to be happy we could actually be doing something to make ourselves happy? Who cares what kind of car you drive or what clothing you wear at the end of the day if you are not happy and have bad sense of humor no one will want to be near you. What’s the saying money doesn’t buy happiness just buys a whole lot of shit? Well that might just be my own interpretation of it, but the statement can’t be anymore truer. Now, I am not saying that it’s not impossible to have the best of both worlds because honestly it is; I just haven’t seen it in real life. I personally think it just takes time and effort to be a person who actually cares about others and not just pretends and maybe just maybe that person will be gifted true happiness because really isn’t that what we all crave anyway.  

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