I should stop

The little things about you drive me insane

I cannot seem to get you out of my thoughts let alone my heart

when it comes you my senses hyperextend

I can hear your laugh from miles away

I know I’m hot and cold

We both know that you are wrong for me

Not the right guy or the right time

Yet, I can’t seem to stay away

It brings me to tears

 How baldy I want to be near you

The small touches here and there

Small and insignificant at that

Yet they seem so real

Your hand on my knee felt like a life time

I could barely breathe

Your gorgeous eyes

That I can’t seem to look away from

I know, I know

I sound crazy wanting a guy who’s not a guy, but a man

Who is a hundred percent bad for me

I should stop whatever this is

I should do, so many things

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