Random thoughts

At what age

Someone once told me “you can do anything you set your mind too” and while I think it’s true for somethings in life, it’s not necessarily the case for everything. I’m starting to think its something people say to young children as they are growing up to help them with daily struggles at that age. For example can I really climb that tree?  Yea, sure they probably shouldn’t, but they would feel accomplished if they did. I guess what I’m trying to say is at what age should we start being less adventures?  At what age did we decide we could not do something? Not, that I see adults climbing trees for fun on a daily basis. No, adults are more then likely to apply for the lead role of something or moving up in a company. Even if they had doubts about getting it in the first place. At that point we would tell our selves “it doesn’t hurt to try.” It almost seems like the older we become the less confident we grow. The tiny voice in our heads that say you can do it dwindles and doubts grows. If that’s the case shouldn’t we try to change that and make ourselves better; happier people?

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