Random thoughts

Nothing but choices

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted something. I recently started back up and by recently I mean two days agao. Anyway, I have a few thoughts on my mind. Well more like people who for whatever reason seems like it’s best to let them go. For example a friend of mind that I have known for over ten years now has grown to be more distant with me and I’m not sure if it’s because of her favorite word drama or because life has take tole in that direction. At times I feel it is what it is but then other times I miss my friend. Could it be possible to miss the thought of the person, but not the actual human being? My other thought is about is yup, you probably guessed it a guy. Ha, how painfully common. I know this is nothing more then a crush on someone. It’s definitely a waste of time because he’s completely not interested and that’s fine. We’ll not fine, but really who am I to force anyone’s feelings. Anyways, I decided to forget about the idea of him and move the hell on. May I add that it’s a lot easier said then done.

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