Do you see 

Look into my eyes

What do you see?
Do you see what the world sees?
The simplest Chocolate brown eyes?
Or rather the way they glaze over when deep in thought
Or how about what happens when my tear ducts over simulates 
And I must force my self to stop
Did you catch all that? 
No, well don’t despair; for there should be more 
For surely you are aware of my tirades 
One moment I’m cool as ice 
Then the next I’m hot like the Sierra desert 
Can I weaken you with just a glance?
Ha, I don’t think so; may I add
To be weaken by a glance is 
Uncommon as it sounds; things of a fairy tale 
I’m no Cinderella 
If I were to be  compared to fictional character it would be Molan 
Molan whose a warrior in her own right 
Yet, I’m not her 
Do you see?
The change in my eyes?
Well it’s your lost. 
For I am a mystery that even I can’t solve 

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