Winter Wonderland

Hello Everyone,

Let me tell you this Octavia storm really hit hard in Kentucky and I was not ready for it. I thought it will be a short storm and all, but that storm proved me wrong we have not had a Winter Storm this bad for a really long time. To be honest for a California Girl I was really shocked, this white snow. Where I live we got 5-7 inches. Yup, you read that right! I cannot believe that we had so much snow, but in the midst of this crazy storm our family got much closer. We worked together to clean the drive way and it is a Awesome feeling working together to achieve something and we where reaching to achieve a clear driveway. Who ever is going through this Octavia or Neptune or any other storm you can get through it. It has been difficult to think that I won’t be working and not get paid for this snow storm days, but my life is more important. Take advantage to have some “me time” and enjoy everyday because it won’t stay that way. So, take care and stay warm to all those going through this snow storm. All Storm’s have an ending. So, when it gets near to the end you’ll see the sun shinning through ☺
-Lady Nat


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