Just Life

Hello Everyone,

Well, I started working two weeks ago and it has been difficult to manage time. That is how it is when you start making adult decisions..lol. Any who, yesterday at work I was trying to get toilet paper for the restroom and it was in a top shelf and well I am short. It was difficult to get one, but thankfully I got one, but another toilet paper came right to my face! Yes, I burst out laughing at myself. I could have gotten mad, but did not choose that I choosed to laugh at myself and enjoy that smack in the face from a toilet paper. The main point I am trying to say is… Don’t let situations in life get you angry, sad, or feel less of a person we need to learn that some smacks in our lives is too wake up our inner happiness. Enjoy life and the little things that come and smack you just laugh it off and keep moving forward with your life. Things happen for a reason, but you make the decision to make it worse or better.

-Lady Nat

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